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The Office of Planning and Budget supports the Universities spirit of excellence, integrity and dedication to financial management and planning by providing timely, accurate, and value-added financial reporting, planning and analysis services.

In an effort to strengthen Richmond stakeholders’ ability to perform strategic use and planning, Budget Reports are now available via ROADS and Banner. If you need access to budget reports, contact us at

OPB's Tenets for Budget Report Distribution

OPB's Tenets for Budget Report Distribution

  1. Ensure budget reports are distributed to the appropriate financial steward within the unit.
  2. Sound internal controls require the financial steward to review a budget report with all financial information, including salary and benefits.
  3. Financial monitoring and reconciliation are two examples of sound internal controls, and must be completed by the appropriate financial steward as determined by the school or division.
  4. An employee that is not the appropriate financial steward within the unit will not receive a monthly budget report.
  5. An employee with accounting/budgeting duties may continue to request access to Banner to review financial data in real-time, and appropriate financial stewards may request access to budget reports by contacting

Please note: criteria used to assess the business purpose for access to Banner is separate from that of the business purpose for monthly budget report distribution. 

OPB's Budget Report Distribution Philosophy

In keeping with our Tenets for Budget Distribution, the new budget reports will be sent to only the appropriate financial steward:

Said steward will receive the summary report, which includes summarized salary information. 

The steward will also receive a transaction detail report, which excludes line item salary information. 

The financial steward may delegate another employee to reconcile the transaction detail report.

  • If so, the financial steward may forward the transaction detail report (excludes salary information) to the employee OR
  • the employee can continue to review information directly in Banner (see #5 tenet) 

OPB is available to assist training users regarding budget reports and/or reviewing financial information directly in Banner.

Why utilize ROADS for Budget Reports?

The now former monthly budget reports provided limited information at the fund/org and account level, and limited information on budget detail, which makes a high level review cumbersome.  

Currently, ROADS Budget Reports provide:

  • Access to high level data retrieval and an ability to conduct big picture analysis at the school or division level.
  • Ability for department analysis or fund/org and account level review.
  • Access to more dynamic querying and reporting and the development of useful analytics.
When will Roads be available and how do I access Budget Reports in ROADS?

If you have ROADS access related questions, are interested in training or require additional information about ROADS budget report distribution, please contact

Types of Reports Available in ROADS

The following reports are avaliable in ROADS:

Endowment Report

This report details the endowed fund balance and summarizes the information by organization code.

Org Hierarchy Report

This report gives a high level overview of budget to actuals by org level. This report can be used to run summary reports by the division and departmental level.

Submit Feedback

The Office of Planning and Budget values your opinion and we welcome feedback regarding the ease, use, functionality, and presentation of the ROADS budget reporting system. We will continue to refine ROADS usability, and will provide updates, resources and training materials for reference.

Most recent updates and resources provided by OPB and the Pilot Group

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