Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Employees within the Business Affairs Division provide an expansive scope of services to the University community. We take pride in utilizing our unique talents and skills to support the needs of our students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Vision Statement

We strive to be the best-run University in the country by providing a safe, welcoming and vibrant campus where everyone is valued and connected.

Core Values


We are responsible stewards of the University’s resources, and ensure every University team member has opportunities to contribute and grow.


We know the importance of being included and valued in our work. In our interactions, we lead with empathy, cultivate positive connections, and demonstrate care for each other and appreciation for the rich diversity within our teams and the University.


We take responsibility for our work, and together we are committed to delivering high-quality services.


We communicate, collaborate and share ideas with open-mindedness and respect.


We respond to changing needs by embracing innovative solutions and problem solving.


We recognize and support each other’s personal and work priorities and needs.


We celebrate each other’s achievements and contributions.