Mission, Vision, & Values Engagement 2023

The Business Affairs division is currently working to create a new and meaningful Mission, Vision, and Values statement that is centered by a commitment to belonging. Business Affairs is partnering closely with Floricane, a consultant based in the Richmond region, to provide expert guidance to us. 


Why are we doing this?

  • We want to recognize that each of us within Business Affairs approaches our work from different backgrounds, perspectives, lived experiences and as a result, we will all collectively recognize/appreciate/respect the diversity of our workforce.
  • Our aspiration behind this effort is that each Business Affairs employee will emerge from this experience understanding that their work is directly and importantly connected to the educational mission of the University.
  • This process will provide the opportunity for every Business Affairs employee to engage on these topics and offer insights on shaping and improving our workplace culture.



Planning & Alignment (June & July 2023)
Working across Business Affairs, and the University, to put the right communications and scheduling in place, and to connect with key stakeholders.

Ideation & Engagement (July & August 2023)
Creating space for the voices of all Business Affairs employees, in multiple ways, to be heard including 25 focus group sessions.

Confirmation & Refinement (September & October 2023)
Surface initial themes and concepts, elicit feedback from employees and leadership, and ensure our work is on-target.

Approval & Rollout (November & December 2023)
Delivery of final work to leadership, and to employees.



Every Business Affairs employee will have the opportunity to participate and engage in this process. Floricane will also be working closely with the groups below:

Project Team Members

This team is responsible for supporting Floricane throughout this engagement exercise by providing valuable input from their different perspectives across the Business Affairs division while also ensuring alignment with current University strategic priorities.

Ashelle Brown, Talent Development Consultant, Human Resources
Wendy Burchard, Director of Procurement, Finance
Gina Foster, SpiderShop Director, Campus Business Services
Glyn Hughes, Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Paul Just, Custodial Supervisor, University Facilities
Maura Mclain, Training & Operations Manager, Dining Services
Nick Myers, Public Safety Compliance Analyst, University of Richmond Police Department
Allison Steele, Associate Director of Communications & Professional Development, University Facilities


Champion’s Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that Floricane has senior leadership support throughout the process, to champion the effort within their respective unit, and then operationalize the outcomes upon completion of the exercise.  

David Hale, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Laurie Melville, Senior Associate Vice President of Finance & Controller
Dave McCoy, Associate Vice President of Public Safety & Chief of Police
Mark Detterick, Senior Associate Vice President of Business Affairs Strategy
Meghan Harris, Associate Vice President of Financial Planning & Budget
Maria O’Callaghan-Cassidy, Senior Associate Vice President of Campus Operations
Geraldine Sullivan, Chief Human Resources Officer
Rob Andrejewski, Director of Sustainability
Theran Fisher, Director of Talent & Organizational Effectiveness
Amy Howard, Senior Administrator Officer of Equity and Community
Glyn Hughes, Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Allison Steele, Associate Director of Communications & Professional Development, University Facilities