Business Affairs Awards Recipients

December 2023 Recipients

  • Mark Beatty, Engineering Services Manager, University Facilities
  • Det. Angie Dubose, University Police, Campus Safety
  • Shelle Flowers, Payroll Manager, Controller's Office
  • Gray Nance, Lead Stores Associate, Heilman Dining Center
  • Melissa Reynolds, Facilities Accounts Payable & Data Coordinator, Events & Support Services

December 2022 Recipients

  • Aubrey Blizzard, Police Lieutenant, Public Safety
  • Tishelle Cosby, Line Service Associate, Heilman Dining Center
  • Rocc Johnson, Utility Associate, Heilman Dining Center
  • Tracy Kitt, Business Partner, Human Resources
  • Allison Steele, Associate Director of Employee Experience & Professional Development, University Facilities

December 2021 Recipients

  • Brittany Schaal, Director, Emergency Management, Office of Emergency Management
  • Crystal Hamilton, EMS Administrator & Event Coordinator, Events, Conferences & Support Services
  • Blake Widdowson, Director, Retail Operations, Dining Services Administration
  • Asira Eppes, Police Officer II, University Police
  • Mike Gilliam, Custodial Floor Technician, University Facilities
  • Vincent Savage, Director, Residential Dining, University Dining Services

December 2020 Recipients

Due to the extraordinary effort of all staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the nominees were included in the Outstanding Service Awards Ceremony. Please see the list of 2021 Outstanding Service Awards recipients here.

December 2019 Recipients

  • Abram Sanson, Facilities/HVAC
  • Amanda Boyd, Lou’s Café
  • Liz Buehler, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
  • James Campbell, Wa Hit, Mauricio Lopez, and John Shines III, Facilities/Custodial

December 2018 Recipients

  • Charmene Ricks, Lou’s Café
  • Maura Mclain, Campus Services
  • Drew Parker, Facilities
  • Amy Hanna & Mazie Ellerbe, Facilities

December 2017 Recipients

  • Kelly Hoover, Police
  • Cindy Stearns, Dining
  • Paul Lozo & Mike Miller, Facilities & Safety Service
  • Richardo Louis, Lou’s Café

December 2016 Recipients

  • Karen Kourkoulis, Passport Café
  • Sherman Johnson & Mazie Ellerbe, Facilities
  • Lynn Robertson, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
  • David Donaldson, Events, Conferences, & Support Services

December 2015 Recipients

  • Cathy Moran, Campus Services
  • Mark Beatty, Facilities
  • Mike Miller, Safety Service
  • Rich McDonald, Facilities

December 2014 Recipients

  • Bob Naracon
  • Herb Heider, Facilities
  • Cheryl Poston, Human Resources
  • Bill Powell

December 2013 Recipients

  • Kelly Hoover
  • Francine Reynolds, Andy Southworth, Diane St. John, Jerry Robinson, Sandy Benoit, Wendy Burchard, Campus Services
  • Du’Neika Easley and Lakiesha Cheatham

May 2013 Recipients

  • Diligence and Dedication: Dawntae Walker, Tyler's Grill
  • Going Green: John Richardson
  • Superior Customer Service: Dennis Blackburn

December 2012 Recipients

  • Going Green: Anita Yearwood
  • Diligence and Dedication: Wright Harrison, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
  • Change for Good: Tyler Betzhold, Heilman Dining Center

May 2012 Recipients

  • Superior Customer Service: Amy Chan, Human Resources
  • Going Green: Peggy Shiflett and Mark Brooking, Facilities
  • Change for Good: David Donaldson, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
  • Diligence and Dedication: Shug Ward

December 2011 Recipients

  • Mary Jo Kling
  • Paul Lozo & Michael Bowles, Safety and Risk Management
  • Vessela Stefanova, Joyce Morgan, Susan Kirby, Monica Booker and Robert Plymale

May 2011 Recipients

  • Superior Customer Service: Andre Christian
  • Diligence and Dedication: Crystal Amado & Jim Sager, Controllers Office
  • Going Green: Dave Merchan
  • Change for Good: Francine Reynolds, OneCard Office

December 2010 Recipients

  • Liz McCann, Events, Conferences, & Support Services
  • Gwen Jones
  • Tracy Miles, Vivian Crews, Judith Jones, Robin Smith, Kata Smitran, & Crissy Poindexter, Heilman Dining Center

May 2010 Recipients

  • Mary Jo Kling
  • Harold Wainwright, Facilities
  • Carl Shriner
  • Jayne Rich